Margerit Michell ist wellknown all over the world as versatile

singer, songwriter, live music entertainer, media artist with first class


Filmactress, TV, Radio, she´s creator, founder and pioneer …

 The special feature of this charming lady artist is first of all her

personality with heart & esprit, her wonderful voice and her amazing

spectrum of international music and songs.


She can sing in many languages and in different styles .

The sun is shining guaranteed and happyness comes up, when she is on stage with her brandnew Showcase and her rhythm guitar as WoW Artist.


This time she presents southamerican worldhits and styles like Folk ,

Rock, Soul, Rumba, magic calypso music and with small stories

inbetween - she´s offering a great variety of her unique selfpenned

songcomposings, which she wrote during her last world journeys.




First she became wellknown as TV & Filmactress in Germany and was very successful with her One-Woman-Musical-Show. She became Chanson & Music Entertainer in Berlin and after in Palma de Mallorca, Spain as Showsinger by Cirque du Soleil.  Margerit created 1995 her production

mmshowmusicworld (R) and released her second CD Album Margerit

exquisit- like Champagne ... ! During her Millenium Tour in England United Kingdom, she performed also all over Ireland and became  successful in both countries . With her great selfpenned project the Margerit Michell Chicago-Rhythm-Music-Show copyright, she went on her Worldtour U.S.A and became successful in Florida and all over Tennessee over TV, Film & Chicago & North Carolina Radio, Nebraska, California,Canada, Mexico . She impressed with her singer-songwriter performance the Hall of Fame Lounge audience and became successfull with an Interview at TV Channel Tennessee. Also as Cinema Filmactress Margerit Michell appeared in the Comedy Sparkle & Tooter and the Hollywood Tennessee Movie Mr Greens Guitar ...Filmfestival Cannes and Monaco Events. 

Margerit Michell performed in the Middle East and her success became amazing in Europe, in Dubai, India, Sri Lanka, Asia, Thailand, China, Africa, South America ....


Margerit lives her vocation, since her childhood she loves to sing and to motivate people and cultures to believe in life, to believe in your dream , she likes to hand over a positiv message, to create a future for all of us.




Margerit Michell is a glamouros Highlight for all kind of venues,

she is uplifting, creates atmosphere for each event , she motivated

and inspires, she´s got a lovely sense of humor and enthralles

audiences .

Margerit burnes for the real life, the adventure, to discover the inner

potential, to discover with all the respect people, cultures and to

make friends .




Margerit Michell is creator of her own songs and music-shows and

her own brand . She is different and she makes a real difference .


All her customers and experts from so many countries wants her

to come back, to sing again and to give them a happy time.

This in demand artist creates atmosphere from all her heart ,

with soul power and spiritual meaning, with emotion, with passion,

with love .



Margerit Michell is on her way to continue her Worldtour 2017-2018

and she loves to sing and to perform for you .


When it comes to promote brands and high quality products,

Margerit Michell is the right decision and the right lady artist and singer

for your Events, Inauguration, Conventions, Galas, Privatparty,

Wedding, Music Stages, Cruisetours, Hotel Resorts, Lounges,

multi-cultural Festivals, live Concerts and international

Audiences …



New brands, new products, new energy, technology, lifestyle

health, sports, fitness, yoga, water sports, yachts ,

education, culture, art, architecture, buildings, properties

new cars, models, fashion, designs …


The artist offers three different Stage Projects :

1. Her latinamerican Showcase „ Latina Margerita „

2. Her Singer-Songwriter Project - Vocals , 3 Guitars , Drums, Base

3. Margerit Michell with her Support-Band and Big Band Project


Please leave your message, request or offer by email and you will

receive an autograph-card for free and more informations ...


Thank you very much for all your kindness !


With love & music !